Traditional Snacks


We think there is nothing better than a traditional snack to accompany real ale.


That's why we stock a range of locally sourced snacks for purchase.

Our pork pies are handmade from free-range pigs at Smith Hall Farm near Muggington and come in five varieties - Medium Plain; Medium Stilton; Medium Smoked Cheese; Large Stilton Topped; Large Caramelised Onion Topped.

Our Savoury Scotch Eggs come from The Staffordshire Savoury Egg Company near Stoke. Available in 4 flavours - Original; Black Pudding; Caramelised Onion; Duck Egg with Black Forest Ham.

Our crisps come from Just Crisps near Rugely, and are made on the Farm where the potatoes grow and are cooked in rape seed oil from the same farm.


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South Derbyshire's First Micropub

Established October 2014